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LACC President Cliff Luber Speaks Out

Cliff Goes to Wisconsin
About the Federal Debt, Feb. 4, 2011
On the National Debt Limit, Feb 3, 2011

Freedom Fight in Madison WI

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Vicki in Madison

Feb. 18, 2011: A Message From Cliff Prior to His Trip to Madison

Dear Patriots,

You have no doubt seen in recent days the true greed and selfishness of the Labor Unions and Democrat Party who are a part of an unholy alliance to destroy this Nation. The battle lines are being drawn and it looks like before it hits Washington, D.C. its going to be in Madison, WI. We need and have been asked to come to the aid of Tea Parties in Wisconsin who are holding a rally at the State Capitol tomorrow at 12:00pm

I plan on going to the aid of our Patriot friends in Wisconsin and will be driving. I can take about five people. If others are willing to step up and drive or come along, we need you to join us in this fight. We must not let the Democrats and Unions win in this fight. Please come to the side of Republican Governor, Scott Walker.


Please call me ASAP!!! if you can attend.


Cliff Luber

See Below the Email to which Cliff refers:You’re receiving this email because of your relationship with Tea Party Patriots.

Wisconsin’s elected officials are working to keep their promises to cut spending and those addicted to the government’s money are protesting it. Tomorrow the Tea Party groups in Wisconsin will have a rally in Madison at the State Capital at 12:00 noon.

If you can drive to Madison, WI by or on Saturday morning, the tea party groups are asking you to do so.

Again, the rally is at noon at the State Capital tomorrow Saturday, February 18, 2011.

Hot tip: It is our understanding American Majority and Americans for Prosperity are also helping with this effort.


Cliff Speaks About the National Debt

Feb. 4, 2011
Cliff reccommends you read this article by Rand Paul. GOD BLESS Rand Paul for standing up for America and his standfastness in trying to cut the debt in this Country. Mr. Paul is a member of the Tea Party Senate and is attempting to get the establishment to get serious about the debt crisis.
Read Article

Pledge to America

When the Republican “Pledge to America” was unveiled in October and highlighted their intended budget cuts, my first thoughts were that this is appeasement and a drop in the bucket, not to mention a clear lack of understanding just how seriously this budget crisis is weakening our Nation.

A Weak Effort

When House Speaker John Boehnner announced they were taking the lead in trimming their own individual House budgets five percent, which resulted in a 35 million dollars savings, I thought “Why not ten percent?” In the age of fax machines, email, and cell phones, why do they need multiple offices in their home districts? What services can’t their offices perform utilizing these tools?

I have heard that several freshmen Congressmen knew the budget crisis was bad, but were absolutely stunned when they got to Washington and saw it first hand.

Big Spenders

When Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnel, a pork barreler himself, stood on the Senate floor and told our Nation he was going to listen to the American people and not solicit anymore earmarks, many of us thought, ” he is getting it.”. When the Omnibus bill that failed in December revealed he had, in fact, requested earmarks, we knew he had lied.

Not to be left out, outgoing Missouri Republican Senator Kit Bond requested earmarks as well. I had called his Springfield office prior to his vote on the Omnibus bill and his office stated he was leaning toward voting in favor of the spending bill. His staff even unabashedly told me he had requested earmarks as well. Therein lies the problem with the United States Senate. This is why the Republicans did not gain control over the Senate in the 2010 elections.

He Gets It!

“Who is this Senator ” you ask, ” who gets it?” Its Tea Party Republican Senator Rand Paul. Mr. Paul stated “…the 32 Billion in spending cuts in the Republican plan, ‘Pledge to America’ will not touch the problem.” He is so right.

While the Republican establishment is calling for a 100 billion in cuts this fiscal year, Tea Party Republican Rand Paul is calling for 500 billion in spending cuts. Senator Paul understands the financial crisis we are in and he is serious about doing something about it.

A Serious Problem

Why did the Republicans in office now, allow a freeze on federal worker’s salaries instead of cutting their own salaries? I’m sorry, but it in my home town of Camdenton, I’ve seen too many businesses closing and people losing their jobs. I’ve seen businesses cut their staff to the bone just to keep the doors open and I’ve seen workers take voluntary pay cuts so as to at least keep a paycheck coming in to their family.

Just stop for a moment and think how much respect the foreign nations who hold our debt would have for our Nation if they saw the Legislative Branch of Government finally cutting spending instead of printing more money. That would be a good reason to re-invest in America.

<=”" h4=”">As I write this, I’m listening to Sarah Palin on Fox News at the Opening ceremony for Ronald Regan’s 100th Birthday and I am reminded of her recent words, “I will not sit down and shut up.”

Patriots, Do NOT sit down and shut up!!!! Keep calling your Senators and Congressman and tell them to cut, cut, and cut.

How many times have you heard the Republican majorities over these many years say they will cut the Department of Energy, Cut the Department of Education, and the IRS? Why then are these unnecessary drains on our hard earned money we send to Washington still there? Unfilled campaign rhetoric. We want action!!

Even with the influx of newly elected legislators, the culture of corruption is alive and well. A few of us have been calling our legislators on the State and Federal levels and are not getting answers to the questions we’ve asked. This will not stand either.

This is my opinion. Let’s hear yours.

Cliff Luber

Cliff Speaks Again About the National Debt

Feb. 4, 2011

Need A Balanced Budget Amendment

While the establishment Republicans are divided and confused as to whether to demand a balanced budget amendment from the White House as a pre-condition for increasing the Federal Debt Limit, the Senate Tea Party Republicans are not having any of that nonsense. Meanwhile, another RINO in this budget fight, Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, has stated” I’m in the camp to see a process that leads to some realistic solutions.” (Meaning we don’t have enough courage to do the right thing)

Enter stage right; Utah Tea Party Republican Senator Mike Lee who has made it clear he will filibuster legislation to raise the National Debt Limit unless Senatorial leaders agree to support passage of a balanced budget amendment.

Enter Stage right again; South Carolina Tea Party Republican Senator, Jim DeMint, will oppose an increase to the National Debt unless the Senate first passes a balanced budget amendment. Senator Jim Dement will not simply settle for the opportunity to vote on a balanced budget amendment. He wants the balanced budget amendment passed first.

Here we have true courage and conservatism in action. Thank you to Tea Party Republicans Jim Demint and Mike Lee. You have our respect and we’ve got your back.

Now lets proceed to the problem in the United State Senate, Amnesty establishment Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham has stated “I’m willing to vote for a balanced budget amendment, I think that’s the ultimate solution, BUT I’M NOT WILLING TO MAKE THAT A REQUIREMENT FOR RAISING THE DEBT CEILING.” Therein lies the problem.

Republican Problem in Senate

Do you want to know why the Republicans didn’t capture the Senate in 2010? Look no further than John McCain, Mitch McConnel, and Lindsey Graham, and others in the Senate who pervert the ideology of a conservative.

Support Tea Party Senators

Is your Republican Senator or Congressman a member of the Tea Party Caucus? Call them now and ask if they are caucusing with the Tea Party Republicans? If not, WHY NOT?

Our backs are up against a fiscal stone wall and the establishment is concerned about compromising as to what they think they can get, instead of moving forward and doing the right thing.

Keep moving forward Tea Party Patriots. The fight for our Country is rough and tumble among the elitists. Stay strong. Stay committed to principle.

Don’t shut up and sit down. We owe this to our kids and our grandkids.


Patriots Speak Out


Tea Party Move-On Showdown in Jeff

by Jerry Walker/LACC and Camdenton Tea Party Patriot
Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

Tea Party Supports Governor Walker


As Governor Scott Walker stands firm in his fight for fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, billionaire socialist, one-world government advocate George Soros and his puppet organization, Move-On, broadened the battle by bringing it to our very door on the Missouri State Capital steps. Called to action by fearless leader Cliff Luber, many Camdenton Tea Party Patriots heeded the call.

Weather Could Be Better

My wife Alice and I were among those who responded as we headed out to meet the rest of the local Patriots in Osage Beach for the planned caravan to Jefferson City. Based on the assurance of sunny skies and 60 degree weather as made the day before by another local patriot with initials JR but whose identity shall remain nameless, I dressed in a warm shirt but proceeded to the meeting point without a coat. As we waited for the contingent from Camdenton, the men of the group stood together outside while the more intelligent of the species remained in their cars. While standing there in what felt like 50 mile per hour winds and zero temperature, it soon dawned on me, as much as I hated to admit it, that my wife was probably right when she had said that I should wear a coat.

We sure did not have time to return home to get one, so, since we were standing in front of Target, we did the next best thing and went in and bought me a new jacket. I felt that expenditure was not a complete waste since my better half has been telling me for the last ten years that I needed a new Spring jacket. I sure do hate it when she’s always right.

Jerry and Alice

The Rally

After the Camdenton group arrived, we organized ourselves into car pools and headed for Jefferson City, assuring one another during the drive that the sun would come out and the 60 degree weather would arrive. We arrived on the Capital grounds at 10:45 AM and stood on the concrete for three and a half hours listening to inspiring, patriotic speeches. But the sun and the 60 degree weather continued to be no-shows. In fact, as the final speeches dwindled and our feet ceased to have feeling, it began to drizzle. Miserable though the weather was, our hearts were warmed by the love for God and country and for one another that flowed through the devoted crowd.

Passion in His Voice

Cliff greeting crowd

With passion in his voice, Cliff Luber was one of the early speakers as he said “we’re in a fight for our country, we’re in a fight for fiscal responsibility…damn right I take it personally…” ( See video)

right to sork sign

Right to Work Law

I was carrying a sign that said, “Say Yes to Right-to-Work Law”, so we did not hesitate to sign a petition to that effect when a young lady came up to us asking us to do so. That same young lady was later a speaker and told the rally her personal, horrifying story as to how she and her co-workers were forced to join a union at the hospital in Kansas City at which she worked. I urge all of you, given the opportunity, to sign that petition and to lobby your legislators to support the bill currently under consideration in our State Legislature.

Congressman Akins Speaks

We heard speeches from many Tea Party leaders from all across the State of Missouri. One of the highlight speeches was given by Congressman Todd Akins. A flavor of what he said and of the rally in general can be found in the “a href=> ‘The Missourian’ as in the following excerpt:

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., spoke near the tea party rally’s midpoint, calling the current federal budget deficit “a whale of a problem.” “And it’s not going to do any good to whitewash it,” Akin said. “I believe the American people are ready to deal with it. Some things (in the budget) are nice, but nice has to go.” As he spoke, union supporters marched up the street in front of the Capitol shouting “Union busters gotta go!” Some approached the grass where the tea party group was demonstrating, but police motioned for them to keep moving toward the other side of the building, where they dispersed.

Crowd Size

LACC patriots 

Camdenton Tea Party was well represented.

The Associated Press reported the size of the rallies to be about 300 people on the “union side” and about 200 people on “Governor Walker’s” side. That may be about right but, at the early staging one of our members toured the other side and reported that there were only 25 or 30 people there. Subsequently, large school busses from St. Louis arrived carrying the rest of the union thugs (I mean protesters). The weather no doubt diminished the crowd on both sides but those who did show up on the Patriots’ side made up in sincerity and energy what they lacked in numbers.

Wish you could have been there. God bless you all.


LACC Patriot patriot

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Cliff’s First Hand Account of Tea Party Counter-Rally in Madison WI

Late on Thursday, February 17, 2011 Wisconsin Tea Parties called on their national Patriot brothers for support. We members of the Lake Area Conservative Club and the Camdenton Tea Party are proud that our LACC President stepped up to the plate, dropped all his current plans, and he and his dedicated wife Vicki drove non-stop for more than nine hours in response to the call for action.

Cliff’s account of his and Vicki’s answer to the call appears below:

Cliff’s Account

I wanted to take this time to provide you with some honest thoughts and reflections on our trip to Madison, WI. regarding the Tea Party Rally supporting Governor Scott Walker.

Please understand I am writing this from the heart to hopefully give you, the reader, an understanding of our emotions and thoughts when, after hearing about the rally, why we made the decision to go and what our thoughts were about taking part in order to provide support for our Tea Party Patriot brothers in another state. This is NOT about “look at what Vicki and I did,” but is a reflection about our actions such as maybe you too have had. It was a call to service. It was a call to service to restore personal responsibility and honesty both to ourselves and our elected leaders.

While at work, I frequently use my phone to check new emails and Friday morning one came in from the Tea Party Patriots which requested anyone within driving distance to attend the Tea Party Rally in Madison, WI on Saturday (the next day).

In watching the newscasts, I could only think, “.. the labor unions literally deluged the State House, they had stopped the business of the people, and the state of Wisconsin was powerless to stop it peacefully.”

I also reflected on the fourteen cowardly Democrat legislators who fled the state so that they would not be available to vote on this cost cutting legislation that would no doubt result in a loss of income for the union families who would be impacted. What is wrong for the Governor to want legislation that would insist the union workers pay a portion toward their own pension and healthcare? With Wisconsin facing a 3.6 billion dollar deficit, this measure would help reduce that deficit by 300 million dollars; an action which I thought was more than reasonable.

After all, the people of Wisconsin signaled a clear mandate when they voted in a fiscally conservative Governor as well as a fiscally conservative majority in the legislature. The new governor and legislature were sent to do the peoples’ business;” cut spending.”

The thought then went through my mind of the many of us who work in the private sector who must pay our entire pension through our own IRA or 401 K and that many employers,due to dire financial situations they themselves face, no longer provide matching funds . The legislation Governor Walker wants to sign is both realistic and fair. Many of us in the private sector have already taken pay cuts and loss of benefits because of this national financial crisis.

Decision To Go

I briefly texted my wonderful wife, Vicki, about the Tea Party Patriot rally, and about the need to go in order to show our support for their cause. I told her, “..we’d have to leave tonight,” and she texted back, “tonight?” I first thought, “uh,oh.” I then texted back “.. it’s a nine hour drive.” Her reply,”ok, let’s go.” I was not surprised by this typical response of support from my always supporting wife and soul mate.

I hadn’t really thought this out but just knew we needed to go. I knew if the unions prevailed in Madison, it would embolden them to continue in their effort to intimidate state all legislatures. The shameless and ignorant remarks made by Barack Obama that this appeared to be an assault upon the unions was further impetus for me to want to show my support for Governor Walker.

Like most folks today, our finances are extremely tight and we didn’t feel we could afford to pay for a hotel. I thought, ” ok, we will just drive up, attend the rally and then drive straight back.” Thoughts then began racing through my mind as to what needed to be taken care of before we could leave. For one thing our cow was being butchered on Saturday and we were supposed to pick up and deliver some of the beef to friends. Arrangements to meet them had already been made. In addition, I had that big oak tree in our blueberry field that I was going to cut down Saturday morning. There was fencing to be fixed. And, thanks to the huge snowfall through which we recently endured, my list of things needing done went on and on. But when I looked at what I felt were my priorities, I decided the things around home would have to wait!

We sent out an email to our Camdenton Tea Party and Lake Area Conservative Club friends informing them that we were going to Madison to be at the supporting Tea Party the following day. We received several calls from folks who wanted to go, but were sick or had their own businesses that were hard to get away from on short notice. Others called and wished us safe travel, God speed, and said their prayers would be with us. One dear lady who was sick and wanted to go called twice to tell us she was praying for us and even offered money to help pay our expenses. She was very gracious and we appreciated her thoughtfulness I sensed the second call was because she was really upset that she was unable to go and wanted to do whatever she could to help.

After getting home from work we made the necessary calls and postponements and started to pack a few things. Later in the evening it became clear that just Vicki and I would be going. Quite frankly I started to become concerned. I thought of the thousands of union workers who were going to be there, I recalled the kicking and beating the black man in St. Louis received from those thugs from SEIU during this past election. I thought of how volatile this situation could become. Tensions have been high there all week. I thought of how this might put Vicki in jeopardy. I discussed with her my concerns for myself but to even a greater extent, for her. After discussing it, she said,” we will go together.” Again, she didn’t disappoint me. I only hoped and prayed that we had made the right decision. We finished tying up loose ends and were in bed by nine. Midnight rolled around and the alarm went off. I felt sick from not getting enough sleep, laid there for a few minutes, and said to myself, :I’m staying home”. Then, my conscience said, ” get up sissy”, “…lol” and we were on the road by 1:00 am.

I had never been involved in an actual rally or demonstration like this one. It’s easy to speak or attend a rally amongst friendlies, but to be standing and walking among your foe in a tense political fight is a whole different matter. I will tell you my fears heightened through the night as I listened on XM radio to my familiar talk show radio hosts As I listened I heard about how the union thugs had marched in front of House Speaker John Boehner’s residence in Ohio and how sooner or later, if the unions continued to lose, violence was bound to occur at some point. The talking heads were right; I only hoped the violence would not occur today. But I knew this fight today was right, and I was mentally preparing for the unknown.

Arrival in Madison

We finally arrived in Madison WI around 10:30 am. It was a neat town as we made our way to the State House. We drove by the water-front and saw many people sitting in lawn chairs fishing on the ice. It didn’t take long to realize “…we aren’t in Kansas anymore ToTo”, as we saw many cars with Feingold2010 and Obama stickers on them. I had never been to Wisconsin before, but knew of Madison’s ultra left reputation. We found a parking spot about five blocks from the Capitol. We unloaded our camera, telescoping flagpole, and “Don’t Tread on Me Flag.” I wasn’t quite ready to break out the flag yet. “lol.” We saw way too many people wearing red union shirts toting their little kids with pro-union and anti-Walker signs before reaching the State House. As we reached the State House, the Union protesters were on one side of the Capitol. You could hear their air horns blaring and the crowd yelling “..our right to form a union…” as on an on the air horn speaker continued. I think he was mad. It appeared they had a pretty good crowd. I then stopped and texted my friend JR back home in Missouri, “We r in Madison, WI. an unholy land.”

Wisconsin capital

Here Comes the Calvary

Vicki and I decided we better keep walking and soon found the staging point for the Tea Party Rally on the opposite side of the State House.. (I tell you this now to bring something to your attention later). I knew we were early, but still, I was disappointed that the Tea Party numbers were pretty low. About an hour later the Tea Party Patriots began to flood our staging area and it didn’t take long before the Calvary arrived. As the Patriots arrived, I quickly thought back to our very first Camdenton Tea Party when, while we were praying for at least 50, 500 showed up!! What a relief. They had their clever signs and soon we were among the thousands of like-minded patriots. I then thought, “this is our home away from home ToTo.”

The difference between the two assembled crowds was quite noticeable. I mentioned earlier that union folks appeared to be mad. But the Tea Party People were different. They were focused, but relaxed, and courteous. Prior to the first speaker, we mingled with those close by, introducing ourselves to one another. Upon learning we were from Missouri, everyone thanked us for supporting them. We had a great time talking with like-minded conservatives and all had a common bond: We love our Country and we were there for no other reason than that this was the right thing to do.

Union Thugs Intrude

Those in our little sub-group were surprised when some of the union people made their way into the Tea Party Rally to stir things up. One of the union supporters stuck his camera about an inch from the face of a tea partier and held it there, stating “’s my Constitutional right to take your picture.’ The Tea Partier stood silent. As we chanted, “pass the bill” a few of them yelled, ”Don’t” in between the steady chorus of “Pass The Bill.” The Tea Party crowd just cheered louder and soon, they left. There is strength in numbers, folks. But this didn’t keep another union protester from infiltrating the Tea Party rally for a short time. This intrusion was a husband wearing a union shirt while his wife carried a large sign in front of her that read, “I’m not a tea bagger.” Not to be out done were, school teacher union protesters were holding signs displaying Governor Walker’s picture with a Hitler moustache.

Unions at Wisconsin rally

Union Hoodlum Arrested

During the Tea Party Rally while one of the Tea Party speakers was giving their speech, a pro union thug approached the sound system and began ripping wires out of the sound system and pushing those trying to stop him. This hoodlum who obviously doesn’t believe in the 1st Amendment and probably a few other Amendments, was subsequently arrested. You can go to the: for a brief synopsis and video. The police declined to release the name of the thug. What a shame.

A Special Surprise
There was a special treat for me personally when one of my favorite conservatives showed up. The EXTRA added bonus was the unexpected appearance of Herman Cain.. I have been speaking of Herman Cain the last couple of years after having heard him at a Fair Tax Rally in Columbia, Mo. Mr. Cain is one of those guys I just want to call Herman because I feel like I know him as a friend because he speaks to my conviction and values. He, in my opinion is similar to the great communicator, Ronald Reagan. He speaks to you like he knows you. Not at you. He has been a huge supporter of the Tea Party movement and has spoken at many many Tea Parties across this great land.

A few standing next to me asked, “Who is Herman Cain?” I told them who he was and that I hoped he would be the 2012 Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. I told my new Tea Party friends to Google him and find out. He is the real deal, in my opinion.

Not disappointing me, Mr. Cain spoke the truth and had the crowd cheering. He is a great American.

As a side note to Mr. Cain, as we march into the 2012 Presidential campaign, take note of the Republicans in the field of contest who claim to be in line with the Tea Party movement, but haven’t been to a single Tea Party. You may want to ask them why?

We heard several other speakers who spoke eloquently and matter of factly. One speaker was a lady who started a Tea Party in her little town by herself standing on a crate and borrowing a PA system and now has a Tea Party of 600. Grassroots everyday Americans coming together for a united purpose, is what will change this country back to the greatness it once was and can still be again.

Union Tactics Show Up

Many of us who were further toward the front of the stage didn’t know the pro union crowd had gathered behind us and had taken up a position in the street. They had left their previous area and were obviously allowed by the police to come to our location. Typical union tactics are to not allow freedom of expression and assembly when it directly conflicts with their self serving goals and ideology. They started banging drums and chanting in an attempt to disrupt our rally, but we weren’t gonna have any of that nonsense. We stayed focused on the speaker in front and cheered and chanted louder for our cause and were not going to be denied.

I told Vicki we were a part of history. It was quite obvious the Tea Party Patriots overwhelmingly outnumbered the union protesters by thousands. I believe the union protestors were stunned by the enormous number of Tea Party Patriots.

Following the last speaker we turned around to be funneled out toward all of the union protestors. The union protesters were both to our sides and directly in our path as if thy thought we could be intimidated. They were yelling and screaming in the old old chant, “hey hey, hoe hoe, Walker’s got to go.” After all of those years you would have thought they could invent some new lyrics. There was a large police presence there and I was astounded they allowed the union protestors to not only get so close to our rally but to allow them to block our exit out of the rally. With such a possible volatile situation, they failed to maintain clear separation between the Tea Party Patriots and union protesters as they had done earlier by placing each group on opposite ends of the State Capitol. Coming from a law enforcement background, I was stunned they would have allowed such groups to get so close together.

Madison Rally

We Stand Our Ground

We were so fired up to be side by side with our Tea Party Patriots we marched toward them with our signs held high chanting, “Sign The Bill, Sign the Bill!!!!” At that point I was so excited I carried my Don’t Tread On Me Flag fully extended 15 feet in the air as I moved toward the union protesters.

Not surprising, as we began to move through the union crowd, one younger man stepped in front of me and stopped. When I then tried to go behind him he stepped backwards. I stepped in front of him again and he moved forward to stop me. I then pushed into him and passed him and felt someone kick my leg.

Many of the Tea Party supporters stayed and were walking through the union lines proudly holding their signs over their heads. They had become emboldened and were going to let the union thugs know it.

Clean and Dirty

Since Vicki and I had a long drive ahead, we decided not to stay. You should not be surprised the location of the Tea Party rally was as always: clean, no matter how large or small the gathering. Trash littered the union side. We were told 200 protestors were allowed to stay the night in the capitol. Graffiti was also found on the walls within the State House.

Residents shared with us the information that over 40% of the union school teachers had called in sick and that some even walked out of their classrooms and brought their students to the union supported protest. They have no shame or sense of duty. The parents of many of those students were rightfully very upset about this. There were also nurses at the rally handing those shameless teachers sick notes to cover them being out of work until Tuesday.

Fight Not Over

An Eagle Tea Party group in Wisconsin and others were meeting today to consider recalling two of the Democrat legislators who fled the state to avoid a quorum at which the Republican majority could pass the bill and the Governor could then sign into law.

This fight is not over. The people of Wisconsin will seek justice for the 14 Democrat legislators, either by recall, or by voting them out at the next election. After the 14 cowards fled the state of Wisconsin, two of them were “ambushed” by the Rockford Tea Party in Illinois and were videotaped while being questioned as to why they were not in the Capital doing their job. You can YouTube it by searching “Derelict Senator ambushed in Illinois.” GREAT JOB TO THE ROCKFORD TEA PARTY!!!


We Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore

One thing is very apparent. The grassroots people across this land have had enough and are standing up to the “business as usual.” We want our government to cut spending, restore fiscal discipline, and let the free markets do what they do best: promote jobs and growth.

Vicki and I were very proud to be a small part of such a significant event. We met folks with whom we may never cross paths again, but with whom we formed a everlasting bond of love of Country. What a Great Day!!

I hope portrayal of Vicki and my experience in Madison has provided you with some idea as to what transpired in Madison, Wi. It was history. It also demonstrated what can be accomplished when “We The People” decide to get out of our comfort zones, stand up for what is right, and get involved.

Do Your Part

EVERYONE has something they can do to help get this country back. The Camdenton Tea Party and the Lake Area Conservative Club is a great place to start and we need you.

What will you do??? The true conservatives have momentum on their side and this is the one chance we have to return this Country back to the government our founding fathers had intended. It is not the way the Republicans or Democrats have governed in the last 75 years or more. What will you do???

Thank you to those who wished us well and prayed for us while we were away.

God Bless You, and May God still hold His hand on the United States Of America.

Cliff Luber
Lake Area Conservative Club
Camdenton Tea Party.

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